Undergraduates and Mature Students

Undergraduates and Mature Students




I have enjoyed tutoring undergraduates and mature students who are distance learners. I realise that their requirements and my own approach differs from working with and tutoring younger students. I purposely set aside time during my working week to be available for my mature students.


As a mature student myself with The Open University I fully appreciate the various dilemmas that students face when working on assignments. I have personally benefitted myself from having a study buddy whilst doing my MSc via the University of East London Distance Learning programme and recognise the value of seeking help to maintain motivation through studying for any degree.


Often my students have put in the work and are suddenly met with a stumbling block and may benefit from focused one-to-one tutoring. A series of sessions may help you turn all your hard work and studying into a working thesis to obtain your grades or prepare you for exams.


Remember: Talking through ideas helps provide clarity and for mature students it can be somewhat isolated being out on the learning shelf!


If you feel that you would like to discuss your requirements and issues that are proving problematical I would welcome the chance to work with you and help you realise your dreams.




"I was extremely fortunate to have regular sessions with Lorna Chiverton-Hunt whilst studying for various counselling qualifications. I found her pre-exam coaching invaluable. I received positive encouragement and practical advice in focusing ready for my examinations. I passed with distinctions just as she said I would!

Annie Manning MASC (CBT)