Information for Students



If you're looking at this page it's likely that a friend or parent has recommended my tutoring services to you.

I am a friendly, knowledgeable Psychology Tutor who enjoys helping students to achieve their grades. If you are studying GCSE, AS, A2 or Undergraduate Psychology I can help you.


I bring the subject of Psychology to life. I teach it based on how you learn best (aural, visual or Kinesthetic) which I establish with you at the first session.

Finally, I share a great set of Revision and Exam Techniques with all my students. This means that in the potentially stressful period of your exams you have a better chance of retrieving all that you have learnt.

No question relating to Psychology that you ask me is stupid - ask away, it's how we learn!

I work from home so you will learn in a warm, relaxed environment that consists of my dining room table and loads of books.......

As well as my qualifications and life experience I've been a teenager and still remember it! I am a Mum of two teenagers - so I really do have relevant knowledge and experience about what you might be experiencing.


I want to enable you to be the best that you can be.


If you like what you have read here feel free to give me a call to arrange a no obligation visit and we'll take it from there.


Call Lorna on 07956 611252