2018 Results


Results 2018


It's results time again. My heart races and I feel nervous waiting for the calls and texts to come through.


My first text of the day was an amazing message from an excited student as they had gained a B which they had worked very hard to get. You can see what they said on the Testimonials page It was a great start to their day and mine too. I love my work!


The results were 2 A*s, 1 A, 4 Bs and 2 Ds. Everyone going to university gained their 1st choice which was exciting.


People who work with me know that I don't believe University is the right choice for everyone. With the amazing apprenticeships that are on offer it's worth exploring all avenues. For some the world of work is the right choice and I feel that it is good to have an open mind as to what the future may bring.